Free Webinar: Learn the Strategies and Techniques Used to Build Smart, Connected Products

Do you want to learn about the best practices used to build smart, connected devices?

In a fast-paced, 30-minute technical webinar, Eric Ljung, Sr. Development Director at Room 5, will share with you the very best of these best practices. You will have the opportunity to learn about the complexities and challenges that are present when building smart, connected products. Eric Ljung has more than 20-years of experience in the technologies that make up the Internet of Things and will give you the right advice to make your project a success.

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Webinar: Tuesday Oct 21, with an encore webinar Thursday Oct. 23: “Learn the Strategies and Techniques used to Build Smart, Connected Products”

More About Room 5

Room 5 is a leader in building smart, connected products for the Internet of Things with real engineers building real products for customers like BMW, Intel, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson.

The Internet of Things is emerging, but few people realize that it has existed now for decades. Room 5 is one of the pioneering companies who have been working with the Internet of Things since the very beginning. As IoT experts, Room5 is a trusted source of information and will be sharing their knowledge with you in a free webinar on October the 21 and 23.

The Internet of Things has created a lot of noise nowadays. From the market opportunity to how it will change our lives, there is an IoT-buzz going around. However, where can people find the practical advice that needed when looking to build smart, connected products? From scoping your project, to choosing an architecture, and delivering a product customers love, this free webinar with a top industry expert will show you what to do to make your IoT project a success.

Smart, connected devices need to be easy-to-use and secure at the same time; they cannot run out of power or get knocked offline. Even something as seemingly simple as turning a door lock into a smart lock requires at least eight technical disciplines that were not previously required, including:

  1. Human Centered Software Design
  2. Firmware Development
  3. Mobile Application Development
  4. Power Management
  5. Cloud Architecture
  6. Software and Hardware Security
  7. Computer Hardware and Software Testing
  8. Technical Project and Program Management

To succeed, you will require an approach that takes into account the challenges and methods that are only now emerging. Learn more about these topic by registering now for this free webinar.

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