Child Themes for Genesis (WordPress)

Here is a collection of the various child themes that you can use with your Genesis Theme (developed by StudioPress) for WordPress.

How to Incorporate Pinterest into Your Social Media Marketing

By now everyone know that social media is good for more than just socializing. Nearly every business, large or small, is linked-in, circled, liked and tweeted. However, you may not be aware of one social media element has some great tools for business content and client generation. We are talking about that online hoarding system known as Pinterest.

Pinterest is mostly known as a way to create online stashes of everything from family photo albums to recipe collections. However, it is also a great way to meet and interact with potential customers, but it has been overlooked and underused as a business marketing tool. Networking with Pinterest will help you:

* generate more traffic
* build relationships
* increase customer satisfaction and retention
* provide better customer service

Pinterest is best used for businesses whose products and services appeal to middle-class women, who comprise 68% of it’s user base. The largest bulk of its core users – 35% – are women from 30 – 49 years of age who are college graduates. These potential customers tend to have plenty of disposable income and the willingness to spend it on the right business.

Maximizing Pinterest for Your Business

There are a number of tools available in Pinterest. Which tools will provide the most benefit depends on what your want to achieve. The types of tools fall into four main categories:

1. Tools to increase efficiency and save time, including scheduling and posting tools like Buffer, Tailwind and ViralTag.

2. Tools that will generate more shares and pins, like PinGroupie and PinAlerts. In addition, a neat little item called Loop88 will connect popular pins to advertisers in related industries. Another great tool is actually a free plug-in called SumoMe Image Sharer. This plug-in adds a floating button to every image on your eCommerce site, blog or other web platform that contains images. It allows visitors to pin your images automatically. This helps override the disconnection that sometimes occurs between receiving a visual cue and taking action.

3. Tools that help create high-quality images, the best of which are very easy to learn editing tools like Pablo, Canva and Snappa. These aids will have you editing images and designing like a pro right off the bat. As a bonus, there is also a large array of ready-made and customizable widgets available in Pinterest Widgets.

Social media will only work for you if you know how to work it effectively. As with any marketing platform, have an action plan for which elements you will utilize, and re-evaluate and re-tool your plan as you learn which platforms are providing you with the best ROI in terms of time and expense. Anne Welsh and other up and coming businesswomen know how to use social media to reinforce their web presence and interact with their customers in a meaningful way. It is about more than just marketing; it is about reaching your client base in a way that influences them visually and appeals to them emotionally.

What Users Want in Your Mobile App

Do you currently have a mobile app for your business? Are you thinking about building one? Or are you currently building one? If you answered in the affirmative to one or more of those questions, then making your app as pleasing an easy to use as possible should be the key priority.

Research has shown that most smartphone users spend over 80% of their time using apps on their mobile devices. More important is the fact that almost 50% of all sales generated from mobile devices were done from brand apps. In fact, it is estimated that revenues from mobile apps worldwide in 2015 will be around $45 billion and about $76 billion by 2017. If you want to partake of this, the following features are a must-have.

Easy User Interface

We’re talking about a very good UX here. Great usability is the key to succeeding with your app. People don’t want to feel frustrated when using your app. So, the more user-friendly you can make your app, the longer the time they’ll spend on your app.

Usability should be your priority. If you get every other thing right except usability, you might as well be wasting your time. If you have no idea of what the perfect user-friendly app is, check out Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google Drive, WhatsApp and Instagram apps.

Excellent Feedback Feature

What’s the use of an app if your users cannot get back to you about glitches or poor performance? Having an avenue for feedback is crucial to your app’s success. Your users should be able to successfully report any bugs or issues through emails, direct uploads to your server or push notifications.

Most app users often like it when companies provide a means of feedback; it communicates to them that the company is interested in whatever they have to say. Now, if you go the extra mile to fix glitches quickly, you can be sure that it’ll also be one of the reasons why more people will use your app.

Fast Loading Speed

Users don’t want an app that takes forever to load. They want one that loads quickly, provides an update and is easily accessible – somewhere around 5-10 seconds. A buggy app that takes too long to load – anything longer than 10 seconds is testing your users’ patience – when the user’s connection isn’t great it is useless.

Customization Options

How easily can your app be customized to users’ tastes? Is there a setting where they can change the theme, colors, types of notifications, change from daylight to night and so on? If there isn’t, you should include one right away. The truth is when people spend more time on your app, they’ll want more options. Provide them with these options and you’ll have fewer complaints or criticisms.

Make Your App Very Easy to Use

If every app in the world followed the simple rule of keeping it silly simple, they wouldn’t have an issue with non-usage. Your app should be dedicated to doing just one or two things. For instance, Facebook has a standard app and a messenger app. The standard app loads user profiles while the messenger app which is automatically linked to the main app is strictly for chatting.

Most people would rather download many apps that allows them to do specific things quickly than deal with one convoluted app that does so many things but takes a lot of time to figure out.

If it takes longer than 5 minutes for anyone to understand how to use your app the first time, or it takes more than 3 clicks/swipes for them to execute their actions on your app, then you have a difficult-to-use app, and should go back to the drawing board.

Joining a respectable marketing community is a good way to develop your marketing strategies and connections. To learn more or start a conversation about Mobile Apps, visit

About the Author

Oscar King is a freelance writer and small business owner who shares tips and insights into effectively running a company. If you would like to learn more about Oscar, you can check out his google+ profile.

An Introductory APC Replacement Battery Guide

You need continued mobility when transporting yourself from one place to the next. To make sure your power scooter or wheelchair stays running, you need an uninterrupted power supply.

You also you need to know how to choose the correct APC battery replacement when changing it becomes necessary. With the right advice, you can keep your mobility device running for as long as possible.

Four Tips on Choosing the Right Replacement Battery

  1. Make sure it fits your scooter or wheelchair.

    This is best done by ensuring that you match the model number of your scooter or wheelchair with the number of the APC battery product listing. You might want to check your owner’s manual or call customer support if you are not sure which one to buy.

  2. Find out how much power it gives.

    Deep cycle batteries often provide better performance for heavier-duty use. These are often used in power chairs, scooters and other mobility devices. However, you might instead just require a general-purpose battery. It depends on how fast and far you want to travel when using it, but you also need the correct one for your low-speed vehicle.

  3. Determine required voltage.

    For instance, some types of gel batteries require a different voltage than standard APC battery replacements. It also is important to make sure you buy one that is powerful enough but not too powerful. You need to move, but you also do not want to burn out your machine.

  4. Keep safety in mind.

    Only use batteries certified according to FCC, Energy Star or similar standards. This will ensure your total safety while traveling on sidewalks, down driveways, and in parking lots. Your safety also is paramount when driving street-legal go-carts. Protect yourself at all costs because it decreases chance of accident, injury or death.

When to Replace your Scooter or Wheelchair Battery

If you notice you cannot travel as long as you used to, it might be time to change your battery. Likewise, you need to change it if your device does not seem to accelerate as fast as it used to. If you had your battery for more than a year and you use your machine all the time, it would be wise to have it tested now.