Latest Trend in Phone Communications


Phone communication is an integral part of any business or organization. It is a means of communicating to people within and outside the organization. In the past, businesses are limited to phone lines and then came PABX systems and other advancements in communication technology. It seems that nowadays, you can communicate when you want, where […]

Finding Communication Solutions That Work For Your Business

business phones

People visiting places like the GetVoIP Blog will find that there are many ways to communicate inside and outside their offices. Every communication solution must make sense for the business itself, and the communication solution must fall within the company’s budget. Choosing a telecom provider becomes more about the search than the solution, and companies […]

How Smart Phones Can Help Students Learn

teenager with smartphone

To many parents and teachers, openly allowing smart phones in the classroom may not seem like the best idea. Many adults view cell phones primarily as a distraction that impedes learning. Surprisingly, a simple smart phone can be much more than a source of entertainment or means of connecting socially; it can double as a powerful learning resource for today’s students.

What is a Police Radar Gun?

Some people say that the first generation of radar guns was not used to seize speeding vehicles, but to clock the speed of thrown baseballs. This was done in order to help pitchers improve their throw in order to get the best possible curve and velocity in an individual throw. Soccer, football, and hockey moves […]