Google Doodle for US Election 2014

google doodle

Have you voted yet? If not, then Google’s doodle today, November 4, 2014, will remind you to vote this US Election 2014. This image is from Google. They refer to this as a doodle. According to the Google Doodle site, “Doodles are the fun, surprising, and sometimes spontaneous changes that are made to the Google […]

Silk-Screening Tips

dye printing

Silk-screening has become trendier with the popularity of graphic tees and computer design programs. It is easier than ever to design your own t-shirt. You do not have to own a fashion company, and you might be surprised at how well it will turn out. Here are a few tips for successful silk-screening. Design in […]

Finding Exactly What You Need to Make the Ride

When you are driving your side by side, you want to have confidence in the ride. You want to be sure that it can take whatever nature throws at it as you hit all different kinds of terrain. From the desert to the rocky, hill climbs, you are going to put that UTV to the […]

Infographic: Is Your Virtual Datacenter Haunted?

Halloween is (almost) here! Have you decorated your house and made it the scariest house on the block? While scary ghosts and goblins are “in” during this time of the year, your virtual datacenter should be free of anything that will keep you wide-awake and anxious about your datacenter at night and day. In an […]

Using Technology to Stretch Your Budget

Efficiency in your home and your office can save time and money. Fortunately, recent advances in electronics and internet technology can help you control your time and spending. Online budget applications can be invaluable for identifying potentially troubling or careless spending habits. Many people, on seeing all of their monthly expenditures logged in one place, […]