Easy Ways to Organize Your At-Home Office

Is your home office in disarray? Is your productivity going down the drain? How do you even begin to fix this problem? Start with the clutter. This is the most common problem with at-home offices. Don’t worry though. I’ve listed out a few simple steps to help you battle your desk mess.

1. Empty Everything

Take everything out of your desk and office space and put it in a box or bin for sorting. In these situations, it’s best to start from scratch instead of slowly discarding unwanted items. Often, you won’t know how much stuff you have until you physically move all of it. This process will help you see what you need and what you haven’t used in years. Also, many people have a layer of debris at the bottom of their drawers, and this is the best way to get everything spick and span.

2. Organize and Discard

Now that you have your belongings out of your desk or office, sort through them. Do you need so many envelopes or paperclips? Do you need so many legal pads? Keep frequently used items near you, and store extra office supplies elsewhere. You can put excess materials in bins or file cabinets. Get rid of what you haven’t used in a while to make room for more practical items (do you really need those floppy disks?). If throwing things away or maintaining organization is difficult, don’t put an item on your desk until you use it. This way you will naturally discover what you need in your space. Don’t shy away from organizing your cables either.

3. Find the Flow

While putting your belongings back, make sure everything has a proper home. This means each item has a functional space. For instance, it makes sense to keep writing utensils nearby and extra paper next to the printer. Customize your space for your daily needs. If you constantly have to get up and move to get what you need, try reworking the area to encourage more fluid movement from one activity to the next.

4. Target and Solve Storage Problems

organized office
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Step back from your space. What is the most cluttered area? Think about your daily use of your at-home office. What about your area frequently causes you to become distracted or lose time? Organizing paper documents can be a hassle for many individuals. In this case, look for shelves or document holders that will work for you. Do you need to have multiple inboxes for various stages of paper work, or do you need something more like a filing cabinet? Find what works for you and stick with it.

Don’t continue to let clutter have a negative impact on how productive you are. Follow these steps, and you’ll be able to easily take control of your life and enjoy an at-home office you’ve always dreamed of.

How to Successfully Build Your Brand

When you are starting a new online business, two of the most important things you should be concerned about are branding and brand building. Developing your own brand and promoting it successfully are two of the keys to succeeding in the very competitive online business community. Of course, you can go about promoting your brand many ways.

Some of these methods have proven to be much more effective than others are. In many cases, the way you choose to build your brand should be based on the product or service you are trying to promote. In addition, the place where you do your online promotion must be a place that is frequented by people who are in your core audience, also known as your target demographic.

If you are trying to build your brand in the wrong places, your target demographic will not see your ads. This will cause your branding efforts to be in vein. Here is how to build your brand successfully.

1. Social media

Social media can now be considered one of the most influential inventions of all time. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter have completely revolutionized the way people communicate with each other and promote various products. There is no faster way to get your message out there than by using social media to your advantage. Social media is now a critical component for all businesses, online or otherwise. Those companies that refuse to embrace it will be left far behind by their competition. By following people who are interested in items that are similar to the ones you sell, you can create a loyal customer base for your website and develop your brand at the same time.

2. SEO

If you start an online business, you need the public to know it exists. Without this critical component, your business will not be around very long. Search engine optimization, otherwise referred to as SEO, is another vital method with which you can build your brand. When a person searches for something on Google, many different websites pop up. The goal of using SEO is to get your website listed at or near the top of Google’s search rankings. If you accomplish this, the amount of traffic you receive will be staggering. This can be done with the use of the right keywords that correspond to the current algorithms that Google is using to compile their search results. You may need to hire an SEO consultant to help you with this.

3. Customer service

Once you attract customers to come to your website and do business with you, it is important to convince them to come back again. You can do this by offering free shipping and discounts for preferred customers.

Dome Security Cameras: We See Them Everywhere, But How Do They Work?

Dome cameras are a common piece of surveillance equipment, one found in many business and residential settings. An IP dome camera is easy to recognize, and many people have likely noticed at least one while out in public before. The camera looks like a glass or plastic bubble attached to a wall or ceiling. The bubble is usually tinted, disguising the camera inside. These cameras can be rotated, tilted, or set to zoom in on an image by a monitor in a separate location. Let’s look at the breakdown of how they actually work.

Dome Camera Components

An IP dome camera is composed of three separate components: the camera itself, a dome to cover it, and a separate control panel for viewing and manipulating images. The dome functions similarly to a one-way mirror, allowing the camera to capture a clear picture of what is outside the dome, while not allowing anyone outside to see the camera. This is beneficial in that those being recorded cannot tell if the camera is pointed at them.

Controlling a Dome Camera

Some dome cameras simply record data to be recovered later, but others broadcast live feed to a separate monitor. These cameras can be controlled using a joystick or separate panel and nowadays even your mobile device or tablet. This is an ideal setup if you plan to have someone monitoring the feed from the cameras at all times.

Whether you are looking for protection for your home or a business location, dome cameras are one of the more popular ways to provide the security you are looking. Check out one of my favorite vendors Q-See, and search their site for dome cameras to see the variety of different models and price points.