Manage Employees Efficiently: Top Tips from Pro Managers

Managing people is one of the hardest things that anybody has to do in an office or warehouse environment. After all, you don’t want to be the bad guy and you don’t want to spend your time reprimanding adults like children.

However, if you’re the manager, you may need to reprimand people to keep them under control. What if there was a better way – a few better ways – to get your employees to work their hardest without keeping your thumb over them?

Use this guide to help you learn more about managing employees efficiently. You will be able to be more done yourself when you do not have to watch everybody in the building or organization like a hawk. [Read more…]

Reasons Why You Might Need to Outsource Research

In these days and times, change comes faster than ever. To remain competitive and serve their clients better, companies should learn about the rapidly changing market to be able to adapt to these changes.

Whether it is research for new product testing and development, segmentation, customer experience, marketing communications, opinion polls and panels, and brand mapping and positioning, outsourced research may be the only way to go for some companies for the following reasons: [Read more…]

Loyal Customers Don’t Churn: Strategies for Cultivating Consumer Loyalty

It is usually cheaper to retain existing customers than to woo new ones. If you want to keep the patrons you have – and the repeat business and great reviews they can generate – making sure they are satisfied is a good start. An even better strategy, though, is to ramp up your efforts to make sure each customer is loyal to your company. This means not only that they are happy with what you have to offer, but also that they would rather do business with you than with anyone else out there.

Loyalty Pays in More Ways than One

Understanding that customer retention strategies can foster loyalty – not just repeat business – is important for a number of reasons:

  • Loyal customers will be more likely to make future purchases with you than with your competitors – even when cheaper alternatives may be available.
  • When customers are loyal to your business, they recommend you to others – even when it comes to products or services they have not purchased themselves.
  • People who are loyal to your brand will keep coming back – even when you expend fewer resources marketing to them.

Loyal customers do not have to be repeatedly convinced to buy your products; their business is based on their relationship with your company more than on the strength of your marketing. Continue to keep that relationship strong, and you can direct more of your advertising budget toward enticing new customers – and turning them into loyal patrons as well.

How to Create Loyal Customers

Fostering consumer loyalty is not something you can do by following a formula, but there are definitely steps you can take to make your company one that customers will feel good about patronizing.

  • Act with integrity. Do not just give the impression that your company is trustworthy – make it a reality.
  • Remember that part of what you are selling is an experience. Offering free benefits or add-ons can have a big payoff when customers keep coming back to you.
  • Design a loyalty program that rewards your most devoted patrons. Letting them know that you notice and value their allegiance can further strengthen their positive feelings toward your brand.
  • Get personal with customers. Follow up after sales, send newsletters, mark their birthdays with special discounts or offers – reach out to them in a way that says, “We care about you. We’re working hard for you.”

People may be staunchly loyal to the business they feel offers the best products – but for many, it’s the feeling of directing their hard-earned dollars toward a company they respect and trust that really keeps them coming back.

Your loyal customers tend to be your most profitable ones. Take steps to increase their numbers, and you are likely to see a corresponding increase in yours.