How Smart Phones Can Help Students Learn

teenager with smartphone

To many parents and teachers, openly allowing smart phones in the classroom may not seem like the best idea. Many adults view cell phones primarily as a distraction that impedes learning. Surprisingly, a simple smart phone can be much more than a source of entertainment or means of connecting socially; it can double as a powerful learning resource for today’s students.

What is a Police Radar Gun?

Some people say that the first generation of radar guns was not used to seize speeding vehicles, but to clock the speed of thrown baseballs. This was done in order to help pitchers improve their throw in order to get the best possible curve and velocity in an individual throw. Soccer, football, and hockey moves […]

The Many Advantages of Anti-Fog Spray

Anti-fog spray has a great many uses in a number of situations and activities. In some instances, these sprays can mean the difference between maintaining clear vision and risking great bodily harm. That is why it is important to treat all eyewear adequately before excessive condensation becomes an issue. The following examples are just a […]

How to Be a Media Relations Champion

champion trophy

Media relations or a company’s relationship with journalists or media outlets is important. It remains a core foundation skill in networking, gaining trust and a powerful third-party support for your message. Kantar Media recently published an interesting infographic on their website. I found it interesting because it shares tips on how to become a media […]

5 Tips for Choosing an Office Time Clock

silver clock

Millions of dollars are lost every year because of errors on the payroll. Some are honest mistakes brought on by carelessness; others are deliberate dishonesty from employees looking to make an extra buck. Whether you suspect one or the other, here are just five tips when shopping for a new time clock. 1: Decide Between […]