Seven Reasons Why People Use the Internet

People use the internet in many ways. While the main reasons are information, communication, and entertainment, the more specific ones are the following: Communication People use the internet for communication. Whether it’s sending or receiving an email or e-card, sending private, group or public messages on social media, or doing a chat on messenger apps, […]

What to Look for When Choosing an Outsourced Printing Supplier

When it comes to running your business, printing, and mailing statements can definitely be a hassle. Not only is it expensive, but it can also tie up valuable in-house resources that could be better utilized doing other tasks associated with running your business. Having the right equipment and supplies on hand to handle your monthly […]

Infographic: The Brain of the Internet

Do you know how data centers keep the cloud running? Check out the infographic below to look into the brain of the internet. Presented by ServerCentral Related posts: Demystifying The Cloud (Infographic) Infographic: Is Your Virtual Datacenter Haunted? The Mobile Dilemma (Infographic) Infographic: The App Aided College Student